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Galva Independence Day Is One Of My Favorite Races

Galva Independence day race

In these long cold winter months when sometimes it is hard to get out and run I start thinking about good times running in the summer. I was just thinking about the Galva Independence day race. I don’t think I have missed that race in the last 20 years. It’s always in Wiley Park in Galva. Wiley Park is a small park in the middle of the city with a picnic shelter in the center. Huge beautiful old houses with neatly manicured lawns surround the park. There are big wide sidewalks for runners to finish on.

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For a long time I was the newsletter editor

For a long time I was the newsletter editor for our running club starting some time in the 80's. One of the things everyone wanted me to do was make a race calendar with races from the nearby clubs in the larger towns so I would get them for our race calendar. It is just like me to overdo everything and pretty soon I had too many races on the same calendar so I started making two, one for those who just wanted nearby races and one for those who wanted to travel.